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Thousands attend Hedley's final show in Kelowna before 'indefinite hiatus'

'This is goodnight, not goodbye'

Posted: March 23, 2018
Last Updated: March 24, 2018

Since the allegations were made public, the band's tour has faced road bumps. (Evan Mitsui/CBC)

Thousands attended Hedley's concert in Kelowna, B.C. on Friday, the band's final show before going on indefinite hiatus.

According to the box office, 3,100 tickets were sold for the concert at Prospera Place, a venue with a capacity between 4,000 and 5,000.

At the end of the concert, singer and band frontman Jacob Hoggard signalled the band may return.


"Let me be very clear, this is goodnight, not goodbye," he told fans.

The band announced on Twitter that they'd be be going on hiatus after sexual misconduct allegations against singer Hoggard surfaced in February, suggesting he had inappropriate encounters with young fans.

In February, the band pulled out of the Juno Awards taking place in Vancouver this weekend, where they were being considered for group of the year, pop album of the year and the fan choice prize.

Since the allegations were made public, the band's tour has faced road bumps.

In Windsor, the venue cancelled the band's scheduled show entirely. In Thunder Bay, the show was moved to a smaller venue.


On March 16 ,Toronto police confirmed that the sex crimes unit opened an investigation into Hoggard.

No charges have been laid.

"It's usually pretty easy to move a concert ticket — not tonight," said Chris Jerstad, who came to the concert to sell two tickets his daughter bought before the allegations surfaced. (Brady Strachan/CBC)

Concert attendee Kara Knight said the allegations against Hoggard didn't affect her love for the band. She said it was a "very emotional" concert for her.

"I think it's sad that their lives are basically being ruined by all of this, but there are still a lot of fans and we support them," she said.

Chris Jerstad was at the concert, trying to sell two tickets his daughter had bought for $75 each "months and months ago." He said after she heard about the allegations, she decided not to attend.

"She refuses to go because of the allegations against the lead singer, she told me that bluntly," he said. "I respect that, that's her stand."

"She just wants to get face value for them and no one will touch them. It's usually pretty easy to move a concert ticket — not tonight."

With files from Brady Strachan