30 incredible women to inspire you with art this International Women's Day

From filmmakers to painters to dancers, meet amazing artists doing empowering work that we can't get enough of

March 08, 2018

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With all of the extraordinary female artists we feature here at CBC Arts, every day can feel like International Women's Day. But since today is the real thing, we're celebrating by highlighting a diverse collective of women who are making their voices be heard. From filmmakers to painters to dancers, meet some of the amazing artists doing empowering work that we can't get enough of!

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Making music lifted her out of depression, and now she wants to bring that same light to others​


(CBC Arts)

Eve Saint Jean

'My artwork made me comfortable with being queer': How creating can lead to self-acceptance

(CBC Arts)

Jen Mann

What it means to be in love in full colour

(CBC Arts)

DJ O Show

'Diversity makes beautiful music': This DJ strives to be a role model for marginalized youth

(CBC Arts)

Santee Smith

Who needs dance class? We're bringing this Indigenous choreographer to you for a personal tutorial

Artwork by Melody Hansen (Melody Hansen)

Melody Hansen

Melody Hansen makes viral illustrations out of your most difficult feelings

Nalo Hopkinson. (CBC Arts)

Nalo Hopkinson

Afrofuturism, sci-fi and why 'it is a radical act for Black people to imagine having a future'

Niti Marcelle Mueth. (CBC Arts)

Niti Marcelle Mueth

'I live my life. I do what I love.' For designer Niti Marcelle Mueth, that's all that matters

Arlene Webber at work in her studio. (CBC Arts)

Arlene Webber

Making tiny paintings is especially difficult for this artist — that's why she does it

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Feeling vulnerable? For this musician and dancer, that emotion is her secret power

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Anoush Moazzeni

Meet the concert pianist who's collaborating with her own robots

Ayho Annyen. (CBC Arts)

Annyen Lam

719 days and counting: This artist has been cutting paper with tiny blades every day for two years

(CBC Arts)

Shereen Ladha

'Growing up, I wanted to be white': How Bollywood dance helped this artist embrace her culture

(CBC Arts)

Nerissa Bradley

​Art helped her with depression and anxiety — and then it opened up a whole new career

(CBC Arts)

Camille Jodoin-Eng

Meet the sculptor creating otherworldly optical illusions that let you look into infinity

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Chantel Riley

From one Nala to another: Chantel Riley shares her (totally necessary!) advice for Beyoncé

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Dainty Smith

'Black thighs save lives': How Dainty Smith is empowering women of colour through burlesque

An image from Ecstatic Nudes series. (CBC Arts)

Ella Cooper

These photos of nude black women in the Canadian landscape are here to question our assumptions

(CBC Arts)

Enza Anderson

How trans icon Enza Anderson has made Toronto a better place — just by being who she is

(CBC Arts)

Hana Shafi

The anti-troll: This artist is making social media a safer space one illustration at a time

(CBC Arts)

Hovak Johnston

Why getting her first tattoo is so meaningful for this 74-year-old Inuit elder

(Karolina Kuras)

Karolina Kuras

This breathtaking photography will make you wish you were a ballet dancer

Vivek Shraya

How Toronto Pride Grand Marshal Vivek Shraya found her own identity through exploring her mother's

Kathleen Merritt. (CBC Arts)

Kathleen Merritt

'Not Inuk enough to be Inuk, not white enough to fit in': This musician is carving her own identity

(CBC Arts)

Matea Radic

Meet the artist drawing a 'naturally unnatural' world in contrast with her war-torn childhood

(CBC Arts)

Angela Miracle Gladue

Meet A Tribe Called Red's secret weapon: the pow wow dancers electrifying their shows

(CBC Arts)

Lindsi Beth Hollend

Depression made her see the world she picked up a camera

(CBC Arts)

Sharon Lewis

In dystopian science fiction, one thing is clear: it doesn't end well for women or people of colour

(CBC Arts)

Tamara Lee-Anne Cardinal

Meet the designer making wearable art that comes out of Indigenous teachings and culture

Deanna Bowen. (CBC Arts)

Deanna Bowen

This lost 1956 CBC show about race is as relevant as ever — so a Toronto artist is reimagining it