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As It Happens: Monday Edition

March 06, 2018

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Thunder Bay Report, Heart Transplant Race, Climate Change Denier Plaza, Trump Tariffs, Florida Burial Site, Gupta Plane, Hamilton Vandalism, and more.  76:00


Part One


Thunder Bay Report
A new report says Thunder Bay police ignored important leads during their investigation into the death of an Indigenous man -- and the chief of Rainy River First Nation says that means the police chief should step down. 

Heart Transplant Race
Two years after receiving a transplant, a 55-year-old Ontario man runs his first-ever 10K race — as a tribute to the 22-year-old donor who gave him his heart. 

Climate Change Denier Plaza
Our guest offers a pointed reminder about the billionaire whose name graces part of New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art  -- by changing "David H. Koch Plaza" to "Climate Change Denier Plaza." 

Part Two

Trump Tariffs
As the head of North America's biggest steelworkers' union, Leo Gerard is a fan of President Trump's tariffs -- as long as they're applied to China, and not Canada. 

Florida Burial Site
After an amateur scuba diver finds a sunken jawbone off the coast of Florida, archaeologists discover a 7,000-year-old Indigenous burial ground that's phenomenally well-preserved. 

Part Three

Gupta Plane
South Africa's Gupta family has taken off with a jet bought with Canadian cash. And a watchdog tells us the government-controlled bankers who lent that plane out must have known about the family's less-than-stellar reputation. 

Hamilton Vandalism
On Saturday night, a group of masked people smashed windows of local businesses in Hamilton, Ontario. The co-owner of a targeted cupcake shop saw a rock come through her own windows.