Your horoscope for the week ahead: Buck up and get ready to enjoy — it's going to be a high energy week

This point in Jupiter’s cycle promises to bring sharpness and clarity to your thoughts and feelings.

March 05, 2018

(Illustration by Warren Keefe)

Buck up and get ready to enjoy a high energy week. Mercury and Venus join together in spiritual Pisces as this week get underway. That combined with a Sun/Neptune conjunction will enhance your power to connect to the benevolent unconscious source that guides you through life's ups and downs. Breathe in and breathe out. Imbibe that oxygen. It's free. They haven't worked out a way to make us pay for it – and they never will.

Things get moving on Tuesday when both Mercury and Venus move over the line into feisty Aries.


Jupiter reaches a booming crescendo this week as the Opener of the Way comes to a full stop on Friday right on the very day of the Last Quarter Moon phase. This will mark the start of Jupiter's retrograde motion against the backdrop of the fixed stars. Jupiter aka Zeus will appear to move backwards for the next four months until early July. Feast your eyes on the rich tones of dark blue. Pick up a chunk of lapis lazuli to get connected.

This point in the Jupiter cycle holds the promise of great things and will bring sharpness and clarity to your thoughts and feelings. Nothing can stop you when you have this kind of positive raw energy inspiring you. A benevolent Universe is watching over you.

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, March 5, 2018.


Life on this lovely planet is far from perfect, but we have the power to make choices to make it better. With Venus moving into friendly skies this week you can expect to get some very promising news. Quite a bit is still up in the air, but a most pleasing emotional journey is about to begin that will bring a happy ending to a long-standing dilemma. Bide your time as best you can as you wait for a crucial process to reach a fortuitous turning point.


You would have good cause to worry if things were as bad as you think they are – but they aren't. Your current situation is excellent. Certain negative assumptions need to be challenged. Use your mind power to attract serendipity. The problem you are grappling with will be dealt with soundly and efficiently. You deserve the best and the Universe will move mountains to make sure you get the best.


If you can't live up to a certain ideal, perhaps you should change your standards. Go ahead and forgive your own shortcomings and admit that you are only human after all. No more trying to be an immortal god. Yes, you have accomplished great things when we consider the challenges you've faced. For now, though, go a little easier on yourself. Slow things down and enjoy the moment.


The lack of a certain resource is throwing a spanner in the works or so you fear. Don't be so sure about that. Often, the lack of something is the key ingredient to achieving success. It keeps you hungry. An abundance of it is always desirable, but it can cause complacency. It's not so much quantity that counts, but rather your passion to succeed. Be hungry! Be determined about what you want life to give you. And you'll get it!


Sensitive souls find their spirits are easily brought down by the harsh realities of life. Don't give certain negative notions more energy than they deserve by dwelling on them. Doing so will drain you of personal power at a time when you need all you can get. Venus is working on delivering the most important goals on your agenda. Your intuitive source has you firmly on track to reaching the destination you seek.


Winning the lottery would be a wonderful turn of events, but it's not a viable primary strategy considering the remote odds of winning. Still, let's not count it out entirely. One never knows when lady luck will knock on your door in a big way. The odds for you to encounter an amazing opportunity are remarkably high and real. If you ask the Universe for help, it might just send a host of angels to assist you.


Shrugging your shoulders and walking away from an impossible situation may be the best thing to do. Displays of histrionics do more harm than good. Hold on to those wild horses. Take a deep breath. Then take another and another. All you need to do is to be firm, whilst maintaining a determined attitude. You have the power to bring peace and calm where it is sorely needed – that is, after you calm yourself.


A ridiculous demand by a certain someone has caused you a fair amount of anxiety. A way to manage this situation can be found. It's not beyond the scope of your capabilities to find a mutually beneficial way forward that will ease your angst. Your deep sense of responsibility makes you feel that it is incumbent on you comply with this unreasonable request. But Saturn's influence is giving you the gravitas needed to stand your ground and not be railroaded into doing anything you feel is beyond the call of duty.


The current Lunar Month is prompting you to examine your own sense of identity. The time has come to utilize your hidden talents and kick off a process that will bring a dramatic change in the direction of your life. An inner revolution is happening. An encouraging process of inner transformation is cooking up something wonderful for you. A serene and more relaxed state of being will influence you as you better understand your own needs and requirements.


It's hard to be objective concerning a troubling dilemma when you are as deeply involved as you are. Every factor in it, no matter how small is vital. You are so caught up in the whole matter that it is virtually impossible to extricate yourself. You can't hasten a process that needs to move along at a natural pace. Getting a healthy sense of perspective will come if you relax, breathe deeply and halt the internal dialogue.


Doubting your dreams can ultimately lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy of disappointment. So, rid yourself of negative thoughts! Instead, think about topics that lift your spirits and inspire your heart. The cosmos is not conspiring to bring ruin unless you think it is. Any feelings of exasperation will turn to joy, as Venus works its magic. Any hitches and glitches that might accost you this week are blessings in disguise. They are bumping you onto a better trajectory.


Jupiter is your traditional ruler. His most auspicious influence this week is working hard to bring levity and happiness into your life, but it won't work unless you allow it to. Embrace every opportunity for a chuckle when they arise. Think of light-hearted responses to questions. Think like a comedian. A sanguine approach will bring the perspective you so vitally need. Not only that, but it will attract an abundance of good luck.