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As It Happens: Monday Edition

February 26, 2018

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Armed Teachers, Coquihalla Accident, Okanagan Accent, Syria Resident, Syria Ceasefire: Sweden, Marci Ien: Driving While Black, Cancer Wait Times, Homer's The Iliad, and more.  79:17

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Part One


Armed Teachers
Donald Trump is publicly considering putting armed teachers in schools — so we'll visit a Texas school district where the teachers have been packing for years. 

Coquihalla Accident
Last night's multi-vehicle pile-up on BC's Coquihalla Highway looks shocking on TV — but our guest watched that epic accident, and many others like it, from the discomfort of his own home.  

Okanagan Accent
It's known for its orchards, but two UBC profs say folks in BC's Okanagan Valley may also be cultivating a distinctive accent — and they're hoping their search for that Valley twang bears fruit. 

Part Two

Syria Resident
Our guest lives in Eastern Ghouta, Syria — and he says, judging by ongoing missiles and airstrikes, the UN Security Council's ceasefire didn't cease anything. 

Syria Ceasefire: Sweden
Sweden was a key country in planning the ceasefire — and while people resign themselves to another failure, an ambassador with the country's UN mission says success is still a possibility. 

Marci Ien: Driving While Black
Marci Ien can't be stopped. But in a new op-ed, the tireless journalist and CTV host says she was  stopped, once outside her Toronto home, three times in eight months, by police — just because she's black. 

Part Three

Cancer Wait Times
The waiting isn't the hardest part. But it is one of the many, many hard parts about a cancer diagnosis. But a Montreal professor thinks that's one problem that can be solved — and her work may reduce wait times for cancer patients.

Homer's The Iliad
Their Homer not far away from home. Another Montreal prof is spending a sabbatical at a local bar known for its Beer Pong Tuesdays. Lynn Kozak is performing a one-person version of The Iliad every Monday. And the performer is sure that the people getting their pints are also getting the point.