Federal Conservatives should build bridges with women, new Canadians, conference told

February 09, 2018

Conservative MP Rachael Harder. (Rachael Harder/YouTube)

The Conservative party's campaign chair for the 2019 federal election said Friday the Tories need to reinvigorate their brand among new Canadians.

Hamish Marshall also says so-called 'pink-collar' labourers — those who work in traditionally female jobs such as health care and teaching — make up another voting bloc the party should be chasing.


Marshall was among the panellists at the annual Manning Networking Conference, where conservative politicians and thought leaders are talking about building new momentum after recent turmoil that, among other things, has seen senior leaders resign over sexual misconduct allegations.

Several female conservatives say the #metoo movement — and the Liberals' claim to be the only feminist party at the federal level — need to be addressed if the right is to regain its footing in time for the next election.

MP Rachael Harder, who was blocked from being the head of the Commons status of women committee because of her pro-life views, said the Liberal message is not true feminism.

She said her experience showed her Prime Minister Justin Trudeau believes he is the only one permitted to decide who are the right and wrong people to represent women in Canadian public life.

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