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Port Mann(equin) incident leaves driver with several hundred dollars in fines

'It was actually quite well done,' said RCMP traffic officer

February 08, 2018

The mannequin even fooled some staff at the detachment where it was being temporarily held as evidence. (RCMP)

It could be said in this case, the Mounties got their man(nequin).

A driver received several hundred dollars in fines after illegally driving in an HOV lane with a mannequin in the passenger seat.


Officers with the Port Mann Traffic Services were doing a routine patrol Tuesday on Highway 1 near the Surrey-Langley border when they pulled over a driver they noticed was behaving erratically.

When they spoke to the driver, they discovered the passenger in the seat looked unusual.

"The Port Mann Traffic Services officer noticed that the passenger … was sitting very still and not saying anything," said Cst. Mike Halskov with E Division Traffic Services.

Halskov said the mannequin was "quite well done."

"It even had jewelry on. It looked, from a distance, quite real," he said.

Mannequin seized as evidence

The driver was given a $109 fine for illegally driving in an HOV lane, as well as further fines for speeding and changing lanes without signalling.

According to police, the mannequin was seized as evidence and given a ride to its temporary home at an RCMP detachment.

"It actually surprised a couple of staff members where it is currently being held," said Halskov.

"They left it at somebody's desk all dressed up at a computer ... they actually thought it was a real person until they had a closer look."

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