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Great Value popping corn recalled because of insects

Product sold at Walmart stores across the country, says Canadian Food Inspection Agency

February 08, 2018

The recalled product may not be exactly as pictured here. (Walmart)

Great Value popping corn, sold at Walmart stores across Canada, has been recalled because of the presence of insects, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has announced.

The "extraneous material" advisory took effect on Feb. 6, following consumer complaints to both Walmart and the agency, said spokesperson Anna Matos.


The type of insect in the unpopped kernels was not determined during the investigation, she said.

"However, popping corn, like other grain or agricultural commodity, is susceptible to insects particularly during storage of the grain."

No related illnesses have been reported, said Matos. 

The recall is considered a "class III," which means the use of, or exposure to, the "violative product is not likely to cause any adverse health consequences," she said.

CFIA does not have any information about the volume sold, said Matos.

The agency does not have a photograph of the recalled product either.

Selection brand also recalled

This is the second national recall of a popcorn product because of insects in as many months.

A recall of Selection brand popping corn was issued on Dec. 27.

The Great Value recall affects the one-kilogram size with the UPC 6 81131 76007 2, the agency said.

It includes all best before dates on or before Dec. 28, 2017, it said.

Walmart Canada Corp. issued the recall.

The Selection brand recall affects the one-kilogram size with the UPC 0 59749 88103 6 and best before dates of July 26 to Sept. 29, as well as the two-kilogram size with the UPC 59749 88102 and best before dates of July 25 to Sept. 29.

Metro Brands is the recalling firm.

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