Calgary judge accused of racist remarks resigns position at university law school

Justice Kristine Eidsvik apologized on Friday for comments 'insensitive to racial minorities'

Posted: January 10, 2018
Last Updated: January 10, 2018

The Canadian Judicial Council is reviewing a complaint against Court of Queen's Bench Justice Kristine Eidsvik, who apologized to University of Calgary law students for making comments 'insensitive to racial minorities' in a guest lecture last week. (University of Calgary)

A Calgary judge accused of making racist remarks to a class of law students has resigned her position as judge in residence at the University of Calgary, and the Canadian Judicial Council has confirmed it is reviewing a complaint about the judge it received on the weekend.

Court of Queen's Bench Justice Kristine Eidsvik was guest lecturing to a University of Calgary second-year law class last week when she told a story about being nervous in a room full of "big dark people." 


Eidsvik apologized to the class the next day, saying she "felt sick" about her comments.

Faculty of law dean Ian Holloway sent an email to staff and students Wednesday afternoon.

"I am writing to let you know that Madam Justice Eidsvik has today resigned from her position as judge in residence."

In a further statement, the university confirmed the resignation and thanked Eidsvik.

"The judge-in-residence program provides wonderful learning opportunities for students, faculty and staff, and we appreciate the contributions Justice Eidsvik made to the law school during her tenure."

The review by Canada's judicial watchdog could take several months. 

In the 2016 case of former Alberta provincial court Judge Robin Camp, the justice minister asked the council to move the complaint to a formal inquiry, which meant skipping the review panel phase of its investigation.

Eidsvik was appointed to the Court of Queen's bench in 2007.


Meghan Grant
CBC Calgary reporter

Meghan Grant is the courts and crime reporter for CBC Calgary.