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Jully Black on not seeing anyone who looked like her growing up

'I went through a lot of challenges, right up to college in fact.'

December 22, 2017

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Jully Black, R&B singer-songwriter, talks about her 20-year journey in the music industry and what it means to be a woman in music today.  3:51
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Jully Black has been in the business of music for 20 years.

With multiple Junos, a record label and "Canada's queen of R&B Soul" to her name, she has a lot to share about being a musician — about being a female musician — in this country.


Like many musicians, she felt forced to move to the United States to gain recognition. She wants to make it easier for other Canadians to be successful.

"I knew that was my purpose, to at least become one of the faces that other little boys and girls that look like me, that say, 'Hey - she's from Toronto, she's from Canada.'"

In this segment of Canada is ... Black talks about her journey and what it means to be a woman in the Canadian music scene today.

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