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Thanks to Quebec bogs, Canada is the second largest cranberry producer in the world

Over one-third of cranberry bogs in Quebec are organic

December 25, 2017

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The soil in central Quebec is ideal for growing cranberries. Thanks to entrepreneurs like Martin Lemoyne, president and founder of Fruit d’Or, Canada has become a major supplier of fresh and processed cranberries.  3:05
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Canada ranks second in the world when it comes to cranberry production. Number one in the organic sector.

Cranberries are harvested in bogs and the images of cranberry production are spectacular.


The plant is grown in a marsh-like setting. Then the bog is flooded and combed through using a threshing machine.

Martin Lemoyne, president and founder of Fruit d'Or, says the reason they float is the air pockets inside the berry. 

"They are kind of like life preservers."

Chef Ricardo Larrivée gets a chance to visit his facilities while harvest is in full swing.