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Newcastle, Ont.: the apple capital of Canada

After blueberries, apples are the most profitable fruit crop in the country

December 18, 2017

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Ontario produces more apples than any other province — harvesting the equivalent of 100 apples per Canadian. This fall, Chef Ricardo Larrivée paid a visit to Algoma Orchards, the largest producer and processor of apples in Canada.  3:05
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It is believed the apple originated in western China.

Apples have been grown in Canada since the early 1600s.


Today there are approximately 300 varieties of apples in Canada. Some, developed by Canadians.

Kirk Kemp started an orchard 40 years ago with his father on 30 acres of land. Now Algoma Orchards is over 1000 acres and produces 72 million apples every fall.

"My dad laid the groundwork for it, and I think it's wonderful that my kids are going to carry on the tradition."

Join Kemp as he takes chef Ricardo Larrivée on a walk through his orchard of a million trees; 15 varieties of apples that are picked, packaged and shipped across the country.