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Multiple guns, drugs, explosives and ammunition seized at Langley farmhouse

Police believe the property was a staging area for gangs to commit violent crimes in the Lower Mainland

December 06, 2017

Items seized in the raid include two improvised explosive devices, nine handguns, three assault rifles, seven stolen vehicles, more than 600 rounds of ammunition, more than 500 marijuana plants and a number of bulletproof vests. (Christer Waara)

Vancouver Police and the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit of B.C. (CFSEU-BC) have seized multiple weapons, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, drugs and stolen vehicles as part of an investigation into Lower Mainland gangs dubbed "Project Treachery."

The items were found during a raid conducted at a farmhouse on 240 street in Langley. Officers from multiple jurisdictions carried out the raid on Nov. 13.


"This is some heavy armaments and heavy firepower, " said Superintendent Mike Porteous of the VPD.

"I would estimate that this [seizure] stopped and disrupted numerous shootings, possible murders, attempted murders."

Investigators believe the farmhouse was used as hub for violent crimes.

Assistant Commissioner Kevin Hackett, chief officer of the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit of British Columbia, speaks to reporters at the Vancouver Police Property Unit. (Christer Waara)

"There's indication that this was a staging area for the purpose of acquiring weapons, loading weapons and then going out and committing violent acts" said Assistant Commissioner Kevin Hackett with the CFSEU-B.C.

Weapons analysis

Officers from multiple jurisdictions carried out the raid and arrested seven people on site. All seven are believed to be gang members or gang associates.

Police did not specify which gang the farmhouse is linked to, only that it is connected to the ongoing Lower Mainland gang conflict.

Investigators are still processing all the items seized and no charges have been laid.

"We have to do things like ballistics testing, forensic testings to link [to previous shootings]," said Porteous.

"Logic would dictate we're dealing with gangsters and organized crime here actively involved in violent crimes. I would not be surprised to see that these were involved in shootings that have already occurred."

Police are currently analyzing the weapons seized to determine if they were used in any of the recent shootings in the Lower Mainland. (Christer Waara)

Items seized:

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