British Columbia

Deer shot in head with crossbow undergoes emergency arrow removal

Conservation officers in Fernie are investigating after saving the animal

November 10, 2017

Conservation officers in Fernie managed to remove an arrow from the head of this deer. It is expected to make a full recovery. (B.C. Conservation Officer Services)

The good news is the deer lived. In fact, it's expected to make a full recovery.

The bad news is it was shot in the head with a crossbow, and conservation officers had to tranquillize the animal to remove the arrow. 


Patricia Burley with the B.C. Conservation Officers Service said reports of a deer in Elkford, B.C., with an arrow through its head first came in on Tuesday. 

On Thursday, when they located the animal, they discovered the arrow had pierced a non-critical part of its lower left ear and cartilage. 

"We were able to use our traquilization setup — it's a gun that shoots a dart — and sedate the deer," said Burley.

"Once it was down, we were able to successfully remove the arrow and put some antiseptic cream on it. Then we use a reversal drug, and we were able to watch the deer jump up and run away."

Burley said they don't know the circumstances of the deer being shot but, regardless, the incident did violate a number of wildlife act codes, including discharging a weapon and hunting out of season. 

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