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Delicate DIY crystal rings and pendants

Haute jewelry no one will believe is homemade.

November 09, 2017

Whether you abide by the healing properties of crystals, or are simply drawn to the look of these ethereal accessories, nothing makes you stand tall like a powerful statement piece. Break out from the crowd with a ring or necklace adorned with some dazzling Pyrite, or opt for a softer look with some calming Rose Quartz. Pick whichever crystals float your boat (we just advise they not be too heavy – we don't want your crystal plunking to the floor in the middle of an important meeting!) No glue is necessary for this DIY – just a few crystals, some wire and jewelry-making bits and bobs that you can easily find at any craft store.

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Haute jewelry no one will believe is homemade.  2:14


For necklace

Here's what you need:

Here's how to do it:

Make a small loop in the wire using a pair of needle-nose pliers.

Wrap the wire a few times around the loop to secure it in place.

Place your crystal on top of the wire, directly below the loop. Wrap the wire a few times around the crystal. Again, we're not using any glue, so make sure that wire is tight enough that the crystal won't come loose.

Pull the remaining wire up, and wrap a few times around the loop to secure the crystal in place.

Pass a gold chain through the loop you've made, which should be sticking out from the top of the crystal.

Attach a jump ring on one end of the wire. Before closing the jump ring, attach a necklace clasp. Then use the needle-nose pliers to firmly close the jump ring.

Attach the other jump ring to the other end of the wire, and close.

For ring

Here's what you need:

Here's how to do it:

Before beginning, make sure you know your ring size. You can do this by wrapping a string or wire around your finger and marking the length. Then rewrap the same length of string on the mondrel, and see which measurement it falls onto.

Wrap the gold wire around the respective part of the mondrel.

Pull the ends tight and twist them around each other to secure the ring. Continue twisting the wire around itself to form a spiral (at this point it should look like a gold rose). Don't twist all of the wire, though, leave some of it hanging.

Flatten the spiral down with a hammer a little. (Be careful!)

Wrap both ends of the hanging wire around the band of the ring. It should feel nice and secure.

Place your crystal (in our case, pyrite) on top of the spiral, which will serve as the base. Wrap the wire around both ends of the crystal to hold it in place. We wrapped it around each end, but if you have a rounder crystal, you can also cross the wires over each other in front to lock the crystal in more.

Wrap the remaining wire back around the band.

Cut any loose wire. Make sure there's no sharp bits sticking out!

And there you have it! A whole new array of haute handmade accessories that go with any outfit in your closet.