Region plans to test LRT but won't say when

More LRT vehicles expected to be delivered in late November, early December

Posted: November 02, 2017
Last Updated: November 02, 2017

The region said it plans to test the second LRT vehicle along the tracks over the next two weeks. But they won't be releasing a date of when that will happen. (Joe Pavia)

The testing of an LRT vehicle will begin once again but the public won't be told when, according to Thomas Schmidt, the commissioner of transportation and environmental services for the region.

"If we start giving out a specific date, something may happen and we then need to change that date, which obviously results in disappointment."

An update on the region's LRT was presented at a regional council meeting Wednesday night, where the region said it plans to test the second LRT vehicle along the tracks over the next two weeks.


 But they won't be releasing a date of when that will happen.

"We could do a test and that test could fail that then puts us behind schedule," Schmidt told CBC News.

Postponed date

Schmidt said the second LRT vehicle is ready to be tested on the tracks along Northfield Drive in Waterloo.

Originally, the LRT vehicle testing was set for Oct.19. However it was postponed due to missing documentation from Bombardier, Coun. Tom Galloway told CBC News in October.

Project partners were still working out the details for the vehicle testing that morning. The LRT vehicle was expected to be towed for systems testing that day.


Remainder LRT vehicles

Wednesday's update also highlighted progress on the delivery and construction of the remainder LRT vehicles in Kingston.

Schmidt said the third LRT vehicle is expected to arrive at the end of November and the fourth in mid December.

He adds that assembly of LRT vehicles five to nine is almost complete and assembly for vehicles 10 to 14 has started.

"We are still targeting start of service in spring of 2018," he said.