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In 1967, I travelled west from Ontario for the first time. The memories last a lifetime.

'This country and her people are among the best in the world.'

December 20, 2017

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'The Young Voyageurs of Canada' were 24 grade 11 students from across Canada. (Bruce Howard)

Fifty years ago, a group of young Canadians got to explore new corners of their country. For Bruce Howard, it was an adventure he'll never forget.

Throughout 2017, we're asking Canadians, "What's your story?" Howard, of Peterborough, Ont., shares his:


In 1967, the federal government had a program called The Young Voyageurs. Twenty-four Grade 11 students were chosen from each province, sent by CN Rail to another province and there stayed with a host family for a week.

Waiting for the train, 1967. (Bruce Howard )

I was fortunate enough to be chosen, coming from the small town of Havelock, Ont.

Views of Western Canada, 1967. (Bruce Howard)

From Ontario we went by train to Edmonton, then by bus to Calgary to meet our host families and interact with our counterparts and life in and around "the West."

Exploring the Rockies, 1967. (Bruce Howard)

Having never been further than one or two hundred miles from home, this small town boy was greatly impressed by the expanse of our country and the diversity of the folks we stayed with. Private compartments on the train were impressive, let alone all the sights.

Alberta bison, 1967. (Bruce Howard)

Fifty years have passed ... memories last a lifetime and this country and her people are among the best in the world.

While the 1967 trip was Howard's first time west of Ontario, he and his wife have now travelled from Haida Gwaii, B.C., to P.E.I., 'we still have one province and the territories to experience.' (Bruce Howard)