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50 shades of blue: Keep your space on trend with this age-old fave

Steven shares his tips for fresh ways to incorporate blue into your home decor

October 04, 2017

When it comes to colour schemes, blue is a popular go-to in home decor. From calming to vibrant, and elegant to modern – it works in all its pretty hues. Steven Sabados pulled together two monochromatic blue spaces for The Goods to show how versatile blue can be in home decor. The styles may be different but the rules and process remain the same. Here's how you can achieve the look at home:

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Steven styled a traditional room and a contemporary one and he started with the paint colour. A cool steely blue is great because it works beautifully with both styles. Blue is so easy to work with, some people think they can make it even better by adding a seaside or boating theme. When pulling together a monochromatic blue space, steer clear of kitsch! Keep the sailboat decals and the 'gone fishin' signs at the cottage and out of your formal living space. 

Pick plenty of hues

Monochromatic does not mean one shade in multiple tones like your paint chips. Instead, pick multiple shades of blue and layer them together to keep your room feeling fresh. Textiles such as curtains, pillows, throw blankets, etc. are an easy way to layer in lots of blue. If you're worried about adding too many shades, Steven says to pick three and stick to those. You can even go shopping with your paint chips to make things easier!

Layer it up

Layering in home decor is all about texture! Pay close attention to the texture of fabrics and other materials – this is particularly important in a monochromatic scheme. It's key to avoid too much repetition, so adding in texture – solid, soft, glass, ceramic, etc. will keep the room from falling flat. You can even opt for some variety by using white and cream as well. And if you're trying to play it a bit safe, adding in neutral pieces allows you to change up the colour scheme down the road.

Modernize it

Modern, classic and trendy designs all tend to include a hit of blue. Sure, you can opt for the classic hues, but think about choosing pieces that pop and are a bit unexpected to keep your space feeling fresh. Blue and white ginger jars are an all-time classic and crisp nautical blue and white feels totally natural in a beach house – but those choices are also very safe. Instead, try and push yourself to look beyond those go-to's and opt for newer palettes.

Who knew that limiting yourself to just one colour could open up so many new design possibilities! 

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