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How to make the perfect summer salad

Chef Andrea Carlston subscribes to the 100 mile diet and uses only locally grown organics

June 12, 2017

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Andrea Carlson of Burdock and Co shows her favourite summer salad recipe  3:47

Have you ever put mustard greens in your salad? How about rose petals? Those are just two of the many greens and seeds you'll find in summer salads made with the careful hands of chef Andrea Carlson of Burdock and Co.

Carlson believes in local. She sources all her ingredients from nearby farms including Glorious Organics, a co-op based business in the Fraser Valley.


"It's about food security. It's about making sure that you are supporting farmers so that they will continue to support us."

Ingredients include wild foraged edible sweet cicely, baby kale, fava tips, pea tips and wild rose petals.

"It doesn't actually contain lettuce."

Carlson visited the set of Our Vancouver and shared her recipe for an Organics Celebration Salad with Wild Rose Vinaigrette.

Andrea Carlson of Burdock and Co. says the best salads contain local ingredients. (CBC)


Method: Heat water, vinegar, salt, shallot, bay leaf, honey to a simmer and pour over rose petals.

Cover and steep 30 minutes. Strains and cool completely. Whisk in 1/4 cup olive oil.

Dress desired amount of salad greens in vinaigrette and serve.

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