Tracy Chevalier on recasting Shakespeare's Othello in her new book

May 25, 2017

Tracy Chevalier and Tom Power pose with a copy of Chevalier's latest novel New Boy (Melody Lau )
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New Boy is author Tracy Chevalier's eighth book and it transports Shakespeare's Othello to 1970s Washington, D.C.  15:19

Tracy Chevalier, the author best known for her book Girl With a Pearl Earring, has just published a new book with a Shakespearean twist.

New Boy (out now) is Chevalier's eighth book and it transports Shakepeare's Othello to 1970s Washington, D.C. 


Chevalier's latest novel is part of the Hogarth Shakespeare Project which features Shakespeare's works retold by acclaimed contemporary novelists including Margaret Atwood.

Chevalier talks to Tom Power about New Boy and the challenge of updating Othello.

— Produced by Chris Trowbridge