Twitter blasts newspapers for printing photos of Bill, not Hillary

July 27, 2016

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Journalists and critics are taking newspapers to task for featuring photos of Bill Clinton and Bernie Sanders to accompany their front-page stories about Hillary Clinton's nomination Tuesday night. 


Some newspapers referred to the Democrats' nominee as "Clinton" only in their headlines, adding to the confusion. The Chicago Tribune's headline was "Clinton claims nomination." At the Houston Chronicle, it was "With nomination, Clinton makes history." 

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Hillary Clinton accepted the U.S. Democratic Party's nomination for president Tuesday after Bernie Sanders helped make it official when the roll call got to his home state of Vermont. 

Bill Clinton then delivered the evening's keynote address, describing their life together and chronicling her accomplishments. 

In a brief video appearance near the end of the night, Hillary Clinton said Democrats "just put the biggest crack in that glass ceiling." However, Clinton's message came after the publication deadlines of some major newspapers. 

Wall Street Journal journalist Byron Tau pointed out this reality of newspaper publishing, and noted the late edition did feature Hillary Clinton. 

For its early edition, the New York Times went with a photo of women in the crowd at the convention. The Miami Herald and Atlanta Journal-Constitution used similar photos. 

The Philadelphia Daily News featured a wraparound photo of the audience and a smaller photo of Clinton from her video. 

Some newspapers used older photos of Clinton. 

And one journalist suggested that a quick Snapchat doodle could have served in a pinch. 

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