Argos to lease Lamport Stadium: report

Posted: October 10, 2001

The Toronto Argonauts and the University of Toronto are teaming up in a plan to lease and renovate Lamport Stadium and will submit a letter of intent to the city, the Toronto Sun reported Wednesday.

The city, which has set a deadline of Monday for plans to operate Lamport Stadium, will examine all letters of interest it receives before deciding on one and starting a negotiation process.

"We're moving down the road and Monday will be a big step forward, but it's not the final step," Bruce Kidd, U of T's director of physical and health education, told the Sun.


The plan would expand Lamport's 10,000 seat stadium by at least another 5,000 seats, install a new playing surface and build new locker rooms.

It's believed the renovations would cost at least $2 million.

"They're experts in managing a facility of that type and they have a need for a (stadium)," Argos president Jeff Giles said of U of T. "We, have a need for a stadium that we have control over, but we don't necessarily have the finances to build that stadium.

"This is a marriage of two organizations that have complementary needs."

U of T will need a temporary facility between the time Varsity Stadium is demolished later this year and the building of a new 5,000-seat complex in three to four years.

The Argos are looking to move out of SkyDome when their lease expires at the end of next season.