Woman dead, 2 injured in polar bear attack

November 10, 2000

A woman is dead and two people are injured following a polar bear attack at a camp on Hudson Bay, 30 miles south of Rankin Inlet.

The bear was found outside the family's tent on Friday afternoon.


A man tried to frighten the animal away by throwing rocks, but the bear attacked both him and his 10-year old nephew.

The bear then attacked 64-year old Hattie Amitnak, from Baker Lake. She died at the scene.

Another woman at the camp ran two miles to another camp so she could radio for help. Two RCMP officers from Rankin Inlet, as well as two trauma nurses, were flown to the scene.

The man and his nephew are recovering from their injuries at a hospital in Winnipeg.

The polar bear was later found and destroyed by Nunavut Renewable Resource officers.

Polar bear attacks on humans are rare.

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