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Kim Thuy, author and pen pal at Eastman festival

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In 2003, a small French-language literary festival began in Eastman, in the Eastern Townships. It began with a simple idea. Invite people to sit down in locations around the town to write a letter. A festival postman would come by on foot or on a bicycle to pick up the mail and sent it anywhere in the world, for free.

Now the Correspondances d'Eastman not only invites festival-goers to take a moment to actually write a letter (!). It has expanded to include a full roster of literary activities with 40 authors in attendance.
But that very personal activity - writing a letter - is still key to what the whole thing is about.


And no one understands that pleasure better than this year's spokesperson - writer Kim Thuy. She's the author of a Governor-General's Award-winning book for French fiction, for Ru

But she's also been an enthusiastic pen pal - for 30 years! 

Kim Thuy joins Sonali Karnick on the line from the village of Eastman.

(Above, festival tent, submitted by Correspondances d'Eastman)
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