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Community Wings: volunteer group in West Island

community wings logo.jpgCommunity Wings is a new non-profit group that is starting small but dreaming big. 

The volunteer organization in  the West Island and Vaudreuil helps people who are going through traumatic situations, whether it be a fire, domestic violence or desperate financial need.

Community Wings is run entirely by volunteers, but eventually they would like to expand their operations to offer a lot more services more effectively.  

Tonight, they're holding a silent auction and a wine and cheese as a fundraiser at the Opti-Centre in Vaudreuil.  Selina Richard is the founder and president of Community Wings and she joins All in a Weekend host Sonali Karnick in studio.

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Daniel Baylis: "The Traveller"

Daniel Baylis book.jpg
From Argentina to Laos, Daniel Baylis dropped everything to travel the world for one year. But this was no leisurely vacation. 

The B.C. native and Montrealer volunteered at organisations along the way and did everything from tree-planting to teaching to translation to pay for his accommodations, blogging his adventures and misadventures.

We spoke with Daniel last year on All In A Weekend when he returned to Montreal last year. Since then, he crowdsourced the money to publish a book about his year-long journey. It's called "The Traveller" and it's finally in print, as he told us on the show. 

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MTL Soup

MTL Soup.png
MTL Soup will be holding their first ever event on Sunday night in Montreal. Modelled after similar projects in other cities, the idea is to fund a community project through a night of fundraising with dinner and live music.  

The dinner is made by volunteers, you pay what you can and then everyone votes for the community project they'd like to fund with the money raised.  Lex Gill and Morgan Pudwell are two of the organisers.  They spoke about how the group and what they hope to accomplish with this kind of crowd-sourced funding. 
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