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Sailing in Love

Topanga.JPGCassandra Bleuthner and John Schulman knew each just over a year before they embarked on a crazy, wonderful adventure -- sailing down the Eastern coast of the Atlantic from Montreal to Puerto Rico.  Just back in the city, still living on their boat, Cassandra and John spoke with Pierre Landry about life..and love at sea.
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Toque and Canoe: Prince Edward Island

Kim Gray PEI.png
The the long weekend is here and with it comes the unofficial kick off to the summer season. 
That has many of us thinking about our travel plans over the next few months.

Kim Gray with Toque & Canoe back with a new summer series featuring great Canadian travel destinations. This week she's taking us to Prince Edward Island, home to friendly locals, beautiful beaches, and a thriving culinary scene.

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Vanier students explore Quebec's North Shore

Vanier students face the spring floes.jpgRoute 138 runs all along the northern shore of the St Lawrence - until it stops at the community of Kegaska.
It never reaches the border of Quebec and Labrador, but it does cover a vast region.

Many of us don't know much about it.
But a group of students from Vanier College in Montreal headed out to explore the North Shore recently. The 1500-kilometre trip was actually part of a course.

Vanier group waiting for Tadoussac ferry.jpgThe students got back this week and we've got two of the travellers with us this morning. Myriam Mansour is the geography teacher that accompanied the students. Alexandra Papathanasopoulos is one of the Vanier College students who took that course on the north. They talk about their adventures with Sonali Karnick.

You can read their blog and see some photos here.

(Above, Vanier students face the St Lawrence  in Kegaska; below, the whole gang waiting for a ferry in Tadoussac.)(Photos submitted by Myriam Mansour)

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