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Theatre: July 2014 Archives

Grove Hall in Huntingdon

Huntingdon and Grove Hall.jpgGrove Hall in Huntingdon in the Chateauguay Valley is a 19th-century church that became an arts centre just over a year ago. The place offers shows that are for - and by -  the local community. It relies a lot on local talent and volunteers - to act, sing, build sets, and sell tickets.

Mark Bye bought the place and brought it back to life.
He grew up in Huntingdon. Now he teaches at the National Theatre School, but he also offers local workshops at Grove Hall.

This weekend, Mark's welcoming in some friends from Repercussion Theatre who are bringing Shakespeare to the green lawn around the hall.

In the middle of all that (!), we've called him up to talk about what makes this new community arts centre tick. Here's his conversation with Pierre Landry.

(Huntingdon with Grove Hall, courtesy of Grove Hall)

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