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Theatre: April 2013 Archives

Whisper: an original musical at Vanier College

Yao and Chelsea take a bow.jpgThe TV show Glee is about a group of high school misfits who join the glee club and finally find their voice - and they''re always singing. Now the show has inspired two CEGEP students at Vanier College in Montreal to write their own musical.

It's called Whisper - and it just happens to be about students in a performing arts school.

Nineteen-year-old Yao Wang wrote the musical, along with her friend Chelsea Pringle-Duchemin, who wrote the stage play and sings a lead role. They told Sonali Karnick all about the show - which hits the stage Saturday night and Sunday afternoon.

(Photo courtesy of Vanier College: Yao Wang is centre stage. Chelsea Pringle-Duchemin stands to her right.)

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