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Four Rooms: buyers and sellers of family treasures

Four Rooms audition in Toronto.jpgThe upcoming reality series Four Rooms is described as a cross between Dragons' Den and Antiques Roadshow. Boiled down to its essentials, it's this: "four rooms, four buyers,four chances to make the deal of a lifetime."

The show is coming to CBC TV this winter. It's the Canadian version of a British series that's had a 2-year run on Channel 4.

CBC show producers are crossing the country right now looking for participants - and they're in Quebec this weekend and early July.

If you have a family heirloom - art or memorabilia - you're looking to sell, this may be the opportunity for you (see below).

Tracie Tighe is the executive producer of Four Rooms - as well as Dragon's Den on CBC TV.
She joins Sonali Karnick on the line from Montreal.

In-person auditions in Quebec:
Montreal: June 16th 10AM-3PM Hotel Place D'Armes, 55 Rue St. Jacques, Tango Ballroom
North Hatley, QC: July 6th 10AM-5PM North Hatley Antique Show, 3245 Capelton Road

Online auditions: Click here

(Above, Four Rooms does auditions in Toronto.)


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