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Oklahoma! at Hudson Village Theatre

Oklahoma! by Rodgers and Hammerstein has been a long-time favourite on Broadway - where it started out - and in professional and amateur theatres.

But if you missed all of those productions, it's a story that takes place in Oklahoma territory in 1906. A cowboy named Curly asks a farm girl named Laurie to a box-social dance. But so does a menacing hired hand named Judd and trouble ensues. There's also the subplot - a love triangle between a flirt named Ado Annie who can't say no, a cowboy and a travelling salesman. And there's the wonderful musical score.

Hudson Village Theatre is taking on Oklahoma! from March 6th to the 23rd.

oklahoma.jpgThis morning, Sonali Karnick speaks with the cowboy named Curly, played by Jordan Marchand, and with co-director Karen Cromar who's on the line from Hudson.

(Click here to see a preview of the Hudson production.) 

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