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Sports: February 2014 Archives

Cross-country ski trails in Laurentians at risk

On the Jackrabbit trails.jpgThe Laurentians are a great place to ski - with hundreds and hundreds of kilometres of trails.

Many of those trails also have historical significance for the region.

But some cross-country enthusiasts fear they're at risk from land development.

Over the past 30 years or so, the Laurentians have shifted from a place people in the city would spend weekends and vacations --- to a place where they live permanently. The CBC's Marika Wheeler has been looking into the story and joins Shari Okeke from our Quebec City studio.

(Photo of James Jackson and,in background, Chris Schlachter; by Marika Wheeler)

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Yukigassen: snowball fight with rules

Yukigassen event in Edmonton 2011.jpgToday in Thetford Mines, the snowballs will be flying.

Teams of snowball fighters will be gathering in Notre-Dame park as of 9am to play Yukigassen. It's a Japanese sport that seems tailor-made for Canada - and it's catching on here.

This is the second year that the Thetford Mines carnival will feature Yukigassen. But this time, the snowball fights include the kids (which makes sense, doesn't it!).

Daniel Cyr is a founding member of Yukigassen Quebec. He was part of the winning team last year, and he joins Shari Okeke on the line.

(Photo of Yukigassen snowball fight in Edmonth, courtesy of CBC Edmonton)

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New curling rink in Grand-Mère opens

Rene Fugere at Grand-Mere curling rink.JPGFor the past seven years, curlers in Grand-Mere, a town near Shawinigan, haven't had a place to throw a stone.

Their curling club burned down in 2007.  But now, a brand-new state-of-the-art rink has opened its doors.

It's only been open a few months but it already has more members than the old club did.

Grand-Mère curling rink.JPGThe CBC's Marika Wheeler went to check it out, and she tells the story to guest host Shari Okeke.



(Photo of curling club treasurer René Fugère, left, and Grand-Mère club, right, by Marika Wheeler)

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