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Sports: February 2013 Archives

Bragging rights in Canadian sports

Canadians aren't known for bragging about their accomplishments. But a conference organised by McGill University this week looks at how Canadians do handle their successes.

Lifting Off and Flying High: Talent and Success in Canada is the name of the event. It explores success in the arts, technology and sports fields.

Sonali Karnick will be moderating a panel discussion on Canada's success in sports on Tuesday.

The panel includes Ross Rebagliati, who was Canada's first Olympic gold medalist in men's snowboarding, and Danièle Sauvageau, who coached the first women's hockey team to win an Olympic gold medal. They spoke with Sonali Karnick before the conference.

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(No) snowmobiling in the Monts Valin

Mt Valins, Saguenay (by Marika Wheeler).JPGOne of the main attractions for snowmobilers in the Saguenay is the Monts Valin area. But a few years ago, there was a big disagreement between a local snowmobile club and the provincial park in the area. The snowmobilers lost access to the park - and they weren't happy about it. 

Ultimately they resolved the problem, though, and their example could provide a model for other such negotiations in Quebec.

The CBC's Marika Wheeler has been looking into how it's working out for both sides. She joins Sonali Karnick from our Quebec City studio. (Photo by Marika Wheeler)

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