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International Bromont

If you love horses, and racing, don't miss the International Bromont finals today!
Pierre Landry spoke with event director, Roger Deslauriers about the popularity of the sport.
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Finals today at 3:00pm: Germany vs. Argentina  the German fan Sonja Huntgeburth and Argentian fan, Nicolas Palacios-Hardy joined Pierre Landry to rep their teams and chat about their soccer fever.

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Zipline thrills in the Laurentians

Laurentians zipline2.jpgIf you've ever wanted to fly - without the plane - you might want to try the new ziplines in Mont Tremblant.

You hook yourself into a harness and speed along a line well above the trees. The highest point is actually equal to a 50-storey building. And you're travelling as fast as a car. Not for the faint of heart!

Laurentians zipline3.jpgPhilippe Bélec is an old hand at these ziplines. He's also executive director at Ziptrek Ecotours Tremblant.  He joins our summer host Pierre Landry.


(If you'd like to see what it might be like to try, click here for a video.)

(Photos submitted by Ziptrek Ecotours Tremblant)



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