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Songs and Stories of Judy Garland

Judy Garland show poster.jpgFor two nights only, this weekend, Miss Judy Garland comes to Montreal at the Segal Centre.

Las Vegas entertainer Denise Rose brings her to life on stage in a show called Songs and Stories of Judy Garland. The show begins with Judy giving an interview to a magazine reporter before she goes on stage, and she is not pleased.

Songs and Stories of Judy Garland is written and directed by Montreal theatre veteran Roger Peace.
He actually recreates a concert he saw at the Forum in 1961, when he was 25.  Both Roger Peace and Denise Rose join All in a Weekend host Sonali Karnick in studio. (If you're curious, check out Denise Rose singing Garland online:

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Hudson Village Theatre: "Eat Our Shorts"

The province's longest running community theatre troupe is at it again.  The Hudson Players Club is launching a new short play festival this week, its called "Eat Our Shorts".  The idea is to enable local artists to quench their appetites for performing, without biting off more than they could chew. 

Christopher Gorbeil is the producer of the Eat Our Shorts! play festival and Phillipe Gobeille is a playwright who be will be presenting his short, "Case O'Bianca". It's a play using puppets to spoof the classic film, Casablanca.  Both them spoke about the festival and the plays featured.
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Joe and Joël Fafard: A Tune To Art

A tune to Art.jpg
Musician Joël Fafard grew up in Saskatchewan in an artistic environment. His father, Joe Fafard, is an internationally celebrated sculptor and member of The Order of Canada. His steel-cut horse statue "do re me fa so la si do" " runs along the banks of the St. Lawrence in Quebec City.  The father son duo are joining forces now for a new concert and visual art show. It's called: "A Tune To Art: Sculpture and Song". 

The show will be at Montreal's Château Ramezay tonight and will make its way to Sherbrooke and Quebec city later this week.

Father and son spoke with All In A Weekend about their show and how they work together.
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