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Beyond dreamcatchers: native spirituality conference

dreamcatcher-dark-red.jpgNative dreamcatchers are popular with many people. (Those are the hoops with a web through the centre, decorated with feathers and beads.) They're seen as a protective charm. But there's more to them than that - and a lot more to native spirituality than most of us know.

This Friday and Saturday in Montreal, there's a conference that takes a look at native faith from a variety of perspectives. It's called "Beyond Dream- Catchers".

Matthew Anderson is one of the organizers of the conference. We've spoken with him in the past about his film on the Santiago de Compostela pilgrimages.  He's a theological studies professor at Concordia University. His co-organizer is Christine Jamieson. She's gone on a personal pilgrimage of her own, in putting together this conference. Both Christine Jamieson and Matthew Anderson join Sonali Karnick in studio.

**To sign up for the conference, write to:


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