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Pilgrimage to the shrine of St. Kateri

Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours Chapel , by Matthew Andersen.jpgThere's a unique field trip happening this weekend. Students from Concordia University who take a class in pilgrimage are going on a walking pilgrimage of their own.

Pilgrimages to holy sites are a growing phenomenon. But this particular walk is uncharted territory. The students start this morning in Old Montreal and walk all the way to Kahnawake, to the shrine of the first native American saint, Quebec's own St Kateri .

longhouse sign.jpgMicah Genest and Casey Stainsby will be among the 18 pilgrim-students and teachers. They join Sonali Karnick in studio.

(Photo of Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours chapel and Longhouse sign submitted by Matthew Anderson)


Beyond dreamcatchers: native spirituality conference

dreamcatcher-dark-red.jpgNative dreamcatchers are popular with many people. (Those are the hoops with a web through the centre, decorated with feathers and beads.) They're seen as a protective charm. But there's more to them than that - and a lot more to native spirituality than most of us know.

This Friday and Saturday in Montreal, there's a conference that takes a look at native faith from a variety of perspectives. It's called "Beyond Dream- Catchers".

Matthew Anderson is one of the organizers of the conference. We've spoken with him in the past about his film on the Santiago de Compostela pilgrimages.  He's a theological studies professor at Concordia University. His co-organizer is Christine Jamieson. She's gone on a personal pilgrimage of her own, in putting together this conference. Both Christine Jamieson and Matthew Anderson join Sonali Karnick in studio.

**To sign up for the conference, write to:


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Immortality, by Adam Leith Gollner

Immortality cover.jpgAdam Leith Gollner is the Montreal author of the best-selling book The Fruit Hunters -  a globe-trotting exploration into exotic fruits and the people who love them.

In his latest book, he's exploring the universal obsession with living forever. It's a quest that takes us through time and place - from the Fountain of Youth, to Botox, from ancient religions, to magician David Copperfield's private islands.

Adam Leith Gollner's new book is titled Immortality: The Science, Belief, and Magic Behind Living Forever 

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