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Contemplating the end of life with a cup of coffee

KATE.JPGMany people struggle with talking about death; whether it's the end of life of our loved ones or the inevitable end of our own.

Kit Racette is a grief edu-therapist. She runs "Death Cafes" in Quebec to help people grapple with that subject. Kit explains to Sonali how they work.

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Hold On to Your Kids: Dr Gordon Neufeld

How to Hold on to your Kids.jpgThe kids are back at school - and re-connecting with their friends. And as they get older, those friends play an increasingly important role in their lives.

But a Canadian developmental psychologist says that peers are now replacing parents - and they shouldn't.

Dr. Gordon Neufeld is the author of Hold On To Your Kids: Why Parents Need to Matter More than Peers.

In it, he talks about the dangers of what he calls "peer orientation", and gives parents advice on how to reestablish their influence.

The book became a bestseller a few years ago, and it has just been updated and reissued.

Dr. Neufeld joins Elizabeth Robertson from our studio in Vancouver.

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