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Outdoors: July 2013 Archives

A Field Guide to Pebbles

Eileen Van der Flier-Keller.JPGPicking up interesting pebbles on the beach or in a stream is just part of summer. We like the colour of stones when they're wet, or their shape, or just how smooth they feel. But most of us don't know much about them beyond that -- and there's a lot they can tell us.

Eileen Van der Flier-Keller is a geologist and professor of earth sciences at the University of Victoria. She's written an award-winning guide on how to identify the pebbles in our hand. It's called A Field Guide to the Identification of Pebbles. The English version has sold an amazing 50,000 copies so far - and now there's one in French too.

Eileen Van der Flier-Keller joins Elizabeth Robertson from our Victoria studio.

(Photo courtesy of Eileen Van der Flier-Keller)

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