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Outdoors: March 2013 Archives

Sugaring off at La Maison Amérindienne with Micheline Lachance

Mont-Saint-Hilaire Sugar master.JPGCraving maple syrup and an adventure, Sonali Karnick hit the road with Micheline Lachance of Tourism Quebec. They went to La Maison Amérindienne in Mont-St-Hilaire. 

It's a non-profit museum and sugar shack, dedicated to preserving First Nations culture and art as well as, in season, making their own maple syrup.

The site of La Maison Amériendienne was an actual maple farm for more than one hundred years. It was put up for sale but nobody claimed the land, until artist André Michel created a foundation to take charge of the land. It now operates year-round with a museum and summer camp.
Mont-Saint-Hilaire outdoor cauldrons.JPG 

Last weekend, Sonali Karnick and Micheline Lachance visited La Maison Amérindienne and went sugaring off together.
Once there, they met up with guide Ariane Cardinal for a special tour of the sugar shack.
(Above: Micheline Lachance with "sugar master," Albert Plante. Right: Boiling cauldron of maple sap at La Maison Amérindienne. Photos by Sonali Karnick)
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