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J'aime la vie, by Zachary Richard and grandson Emile

J'aime la vie.jpgZachary Richard is a native of Louisiana but he's a longtime favourite in this province. He has written albums in both English and French over the years.
But his latest album - his 21st - is a departure.

It was inspired by his grandson, Émile.

They were in Cap Chat on the Gaspé peninsula together when Emile - who was 10 - announced that he wanted to record an album. His grandfather asked him what he'd like to write about, and Emile said: "J'aime la vie." I love life.

Zachary Richard says Émile was born with a neuro-motor handicap that makes it hard for signals to get from his brain to his muscles. Emile says, "I am handicapped, but only a little."  It's his vision of the world that is the heart of the new album, J'aime la vie.
Zachary Richard dropped by our studio earlier this week.

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