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Stomping grapes and dining like Romans

Roman vegetable seller.jpg
The Redpath Museum is holding an an evening in ancient Rome. It's a three-course Roman banquet (in
Latin, it's called a 'cena'). It's part of Archaeology Month at the museum.

You not only get to eat like Romans, you also learn about their diet and help prepare some of the meal. The event is in both English and French, and it's for the whole family. 

Stephanie Maurel is leading the feast.
She's a Concordia grad in Classics and Archaeology. She talks with our host Sonali Karnick about stomping grapes, mixing spices and the Roman love of honey.

(To reserve, call 514-398-4092 or email
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The Milton Park Story

For co-producers, Julien Poirier-Malo and Brendan King-Edwards, the story of community activism in Milton Park was one that not enough people knew about.

They spoke with Pierre Landry about how important it was to archive this David and Goliath story using multimedia. 

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Touring pioneer cemeteries in Coaticook

Coaticook cemetery.jpgIf you`re in the Coaticook area this summer, you can try an unusual guided tour.
It takes you around 10 pioneer cemeteries. The tour is called `Voices from Another Time`.

Anne Dansereau authored this cemetery tourism project. She spoke with our summer host Pierre Landry from Sherbooke. (Photo courtesy of Balodiffusion)