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Trampoline boots in Montreal's Old Port

Sonali Karnick in trampoline boots, with René Morales.jpgSome of the people enjoying Montreal's Old Port this summer have been doing it with a bounce in their step. They're wearing trampoline boots.

And they're not only fun - they're supposed to be good for the joints.

You can take exercise classes in these bouncing boots in places like Quebec City, Laval and Montreal. But they're for rent in the Montreal's old port so you can bounce around with your family or friends for half an hour or more.

René Morales is the owner of the company that sells and rents them in Montreal - Kangou Fit.  He brings Sonali Karnick a pair of the boots to try out.

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Contemplating the end of life with a cup of coffee

KATE.JPGMany people struggle with talking about death; whether it's the end of life of our loved ones or the inevitable end of our own.

Kit Racette is a grief edu-therapist. She runs "Death Cafes" in Quebec to help people grapple with that subject. Kit explains to Sonali how they work.

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The Book of Kale and Friends

The Book of Kale and Friends.jpgKale seems to be popping up on everyone's dinner plates these days. The curly green stuff is rich in nutrients,  like antioxidants.  It's also easy to grow ourselves. So it's being hailed as a superfood.

Our guest this morning is such a fan of kale that she's co-authored a second book about it. It's titled The Book of Kale and Friends (the "friends" are other tasty greens that you can grow yourself).

Sharon Hanna is co-author of "The Book of Kale and Friends". She tells host Sonali Karnick about mixing her greens.

Read more for a couple of their recipes.

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