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Create your own monarch oasis

monarch.jpgThe monarch butterfly is in danger. This year scientists recorded that the size of the hibernating monarch cluster this winter was half that of last year. 

Fortunately you can do a lot to help the monarch thrive in your own home garden. Maxim Larrivée is the entomologist with the Montreal Insectarium. He gave Sonali a few tips.
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Melting Tropics: impact of global warming

Melting Tropics.jpgA new interactive photo installation, outdoors, in downtown Montreal highlights the global impact of climate change.

Matthieu Rytz has mounted 20 large photographs on ice structures outside the St-Laurent metro to tell us the story of two island nations in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

The Montreal photographer created the exhibition after a trip to the Marshall Islands and the Republic of Kiribati. He tells guest host Morgan Dunlop about his travels and his art.
(Photo of Bikeman, Kiribati by Matthieu Rytz; submitted by Nuit Blanche)

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Toxin Toxout: how to detoxify your life

Toxin Toxout cover.jpgIn our everyday lives, we can come into contact with 80,000 synthetic chemicals. They're in our food, our clothing, our personal hygiene products, even our sofas and carpets, and they have an impact on our health.

That's what Bruce Lourie and Rick Smith told us in their 2010 bestseller Slow Death by Rubber Duck.

But readers kept asking them: How do I get this stuff out of me? So they launched into finding out. What they found out is in their latest book, Toxin Toxout.

Bruce Lourie and Rick Smith are also directors of major environmental organizations in Canada and the U.S.

They join Sonali Karnick in studio.

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