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Gardening: May 2014 Archives

Incredible Edibles NDG

Incredible Edibles NDG.jpgA collection of community groups in NDG is planting vegetables and herbs on Sherbrooke street and in other parts of the borough as part of an effort called Incredible Edibles NDG.

The produce will be free for the public to harvest, with the overflow going to the NDG Food Depot.

Today is their big planting event and they're calling on people to help them build planters and start gardens today, using the Coop de la maison verte as their home base. 
Lousie Legault is on the board for Action Communautaire NDG and she spoke about the goal for the project.
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Create your own monarch oasis

monarch.jpgThe monarch butterfly is in danger. This year scientists recorded that the size of the hibernating monarch cluster this winter was half that of last year. 

Fortunately you can do a lot to help the monarch thrive in your own home garden. Maxim Larrivée is the entomologist with the Montreal Insectarium. He gave Sonali a few tips.
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