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Gardening: May 2013 Archives

The art of composting, at Ste Anne's Farmers Market

Ste Anne's farmers' market.JPGThe Ste Anne's Farmers Market holds their annual Garden Kick-Off Day today.

What that means is: fresh vegetables, organic meats, local honeys, along with seeds and flats of annuals, and baskets of flowers - not to mention meals - all for sale.

And all the farm products are locally raised and most of it is organic.

There's help for the home gardener, too. Frank Teuton leads two workshops on composting that are billed as a lot of fun. He's active in community composting. (He's even invented a few things to help the small-scale composter.)

Frank Teuton drops by the studio this morning to talk about easy composting - or "LAW'N order", as that workshop is called. (There are other workshops, and puns!)


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Put down that trowel!

brick-wall-and-ivy.jpgBefore you start planting this spring, you have to think of your house first. Trees, vines, and flower beds can all affect the foundation of your home.

Elizabeth Robertson talks about what to look out for with our home renovation columnist, Jorge Rodrigues.

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