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Freaky Sundays: Unicorns

codex_unicorn_0.jpgMcGill University's science series, known as Freaky Fridays, begins again this coming week.

The series aims to "bust myths and clarify science." You get a lecture and a movie that goes along with it!

This year, you'll hear about conversations between rats, climate change, Sasquatch, belugas, birth control, and the first topic of the season is unicorns.

You wouldn't think they'd need to bust a myth about unicorns.  Most of us know that the white horse with the single horn isn't real. But we're still fascinated with them and have been since before the 1500s, when we thought they were real.

Emily Bamforth, a PhD candidate in biology,  leads the discussion with Eliza Rosenberg, who comes from the Religious Studies faculty. They launched the Freaky Fridays series with us and told us a bit about the myth and reality of unicorns.
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