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Freaky Sundays: January 2012 Archives

Dinosaurs are just misunderstood

586077_dinosaurs_skeletons.jpgFor this week's Freaky Sunday feature, we take a look at the myths surrounding dinosaurs. 

Our interview series is linked to McGill University's Freaky Fridays movie-and-a-lecture series which takes aim at common misconceptions about science.

Ph.D candidate Emily Bamforth leads the discussion with her lecture The Misunderstanding of Dinosaurs. The movie that goes with the lecture this week is 2010's thriller Dino-Shark.

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Freaky Sundays - Future of quantum mechanics

existenz.jpgThis winter, you can either put on your skis and skates - or put on your thinking caps. McGill University is offering up a winter lecture series called Freaky Fridays. (Remember the Disney movie with the same name where mother and daughter trade places for a day?)

On Freaky Fridays at McGill, the university's scientists will examine the myths and realities of everything from genetics and love drugs to robots and dinosaurs. And you get a movie along with the lecture! (This week, it's Cronenberg's Existenz.)

We'll tag along with a series of interviews that we call - not surprisingly - Freaky Sundays. Bill Coish, assistant professor of physics at McGill, is first up in the series. He tackles the future of Quantum Mechanics. Not an easy ice breaker!

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