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Food: January 2014 Archives

Online cooking classes, made in Quebec

Academie Culinaire online.jpgMany of us have already signed up for gyms and skiing lessons and art classes for the winter.

But if you're interested in upgrading your cooking skills, you can sign up anytime - and start whenever your're ready - if you learn online.

The Académie Culinaire in Montreal is now offering its own online classes. You can learn the basics from sauces to scramble eggs, as well as finesse a choux pastry or twirl up some homemade pizza dough. The classes are available across the province. They're in English and French. You don't even have to head out in a storm. Chef Daniel Trottier from the Académie Culiniare joins Sonali Karnick in studio to tell us more.

 (Photo courtesy of Académie Culinaire de Montréal)
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