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"Moutarde Chou," visiting Quebec's casse-croûtes

Moutarde Chou.jpgEveryone remembers their favourite snack-shack, or casse-croute, which many of us as kids went to and were able to enjoy a good "hot-dog steamé" and a poutine. They are scattered all over Quebec.

Freelance lifestyle journalist, Emilie Villeneuve and her friend of 15 years, Olivier Blouin, created a representation and history of the best casse-croutes in Quebec in their newly released book, "Moutarde Chou". They travelled over 7000 kilometres in order to find the best hamburgers, hot-dogs and poutine and really get to the real personalities behind the wonderful and reputable restaurants.

Emilie put her fork down and spoke with Sonali Karnick.

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