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Rudy Barichello's Meetings with a Young Poet

Meetings with a Young Poet.jpgA struggling Montreal poet meets his idol - the great Irish author Samuel Beckett - in a café in France, and it changes his life. He's in his 20s; Beckett is in his 60s. The two begin a twenty-year exchange of ideas on the creative process - and an enduring friendship.

That's the story behind a new Quebec movie by Montreal filmmaker Rudy Barichello. It's called Meetings with a Young Poet. It's playing tonight at the FIFA art-film festival and opens this coming week in Quebec.

Rudy Barichello joins Sonali Karnick in-studio, along with actor Vincent Hoss-Desmarais who plays the young poet.

(Photo of Vincent Hoss-Desmarais with Stephen McHattie in Meetings with a Young Poet; submitted by Item 7)

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